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About RISK NEBOSH Courses

Five reasons why you should choose RISK for your NEBOSH Course

RISK have been one of the leading Health & Safety training providers since 1998. Prior to this in 1995 the directors of RISK were instrumental in setting up NEBOSH courses within the MOD.

RISK NEBOSH courses are practical, entertaining and realistic 'to the real world'. When you are booking your NEBOSH course you need to know why you should choose us above all the other companies out there.


Mike Adams, Senior Consultant and Lead NEBOSH Trainer

RISK & Safety Management Services Ltd


So here are five reasons and you can be the judge...

1. Delivered in the real world not the classroom

Our NEBOSH Training Courses are run by people who work in the same environment you do. They are exposed to the same commercial pressures you are and understand the real world application against the reality of what is being taught.

2. Support for you when you need it not just when you are spending

Once the course is completed, ongoing support is only a phone call away. Providing you with health and safety support, the latest legislation and compliance requirements, plus our priceless industry experience.

3. RISK are an NEBOSH course provider and not a broker

This means we aren't making a quick mark-up on the sale of a training place but are responsible for the quality of your knowledge after you have taken the course. This is why we guarantee your pass, because if there is something you don't get, it's our failing not yours.

You can have bespoke training tailored to your specific requirements

Bookings and training are with the same company - so you get what is promised

All telephone calls and emails are dealt with by RISK in their UK office – not a call centre

Any queries or last minute changes to bookings can be dealt with quickly and more efficiently as
     your booking is direct with the training provider

Out of hours telephone support throughout your training, so if you feel the need to discuss
     something away from the group you can do it discreetly one-to-one with your course trainer

4. You get all the latest training materials not what we have on the shelf

Legislation and compliance are constantly changing, the training we deliver and the references you get are the very latest editions. What's more, we show you how to be efficient in using this reference, so you are equipped for the practicalities of industry, not just briefed on how to pass an exam.

5. If you can get a better deal we'll give you a full refund

If you book your NEBOSH course with us and then find an better deal elsewhere, we'll provide you with a full refund. All we ask is that you stick to the terms and conditions which are made clear when you book.

Call 01623 749 718 now to book your NEBOSH course

Let our Customer Support Team take away the hassle and do all the work for you.

They will find you the most convenient course in the timescale you need to act. We have a money back guarantee, so if you find a more convenient location, timescale or better value provider after booking, then we'll give you a full refund before the course starts. (Must be 28 days before the course start date).


Increase your chances of passing your NEBOSH course first time with NEBOSH Fast Track


RISK provide a range of NEBOSH courses including our unique 'NEBOSH Fast Track' all courses are fully accredited by National Examining Board of Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH). The NEBOSH courses can be delivered anywhere in the UK as an 'in company course' or at key locations including London, Nottingham and Liverpool for our 'open' NEBOSH courses.

NEBOSH Courses delivered by people like you to people like you!

London Delegate Reviews

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Hear from delegates who passed their
NEBOSH Courses in London
Hear from delegates who passed their
NEBOSH Courses in Nottingham
Hear from delegates who passed their
NEBOSH Courses in Liverpool

Nebosh Fast Track is Unique to RISK

RISK Health and Safety Trainings' unique 'Fast Track NEBOSH Course' format consistently delivers a higher pass rate than the National Average - see how our NEBOSH Exam Pass Rates compare.

Unique 'Fast Track NEBOSH course' modular learning and exams

Fast Track NEBOSH Courses enable you to immerse yourself in the subject matter and take an exam whilst your knowledge on the subject matter is fresh and undiluted. RISK operate in a unique learning focused approach to deliver 'Fast Track NEBOSH Courses.' Designed around the needs of the individual, they operate in subject focused modules. As the first training provider to adopt this unique, learner focused modular system, RISK provide you with greater flexibility for studies and the exam process

Only RISK NEBOSH courses are supported by our own high quality learning materials combined with real-life workplace situations. Which means our NEBOSH courses are always successful, practical and relevant

Only RISK NEBOSH courses support you with a dedicated Personal Learning Adviser, throughout your training life-cycle. This 'one to one' support with an experienced Health & Safety Professional who has practical experience - not just classroom 'know-how' - will help you gain a valuable insight into the application of your knowledge

Only RISK NEBOSH courses are delivered by our experienced Health & Safety Professionals. Our dedicated team of training consultants, backed by our unique Guaranteed Pass Scheme. So you get the very best training and 'one to one' support to pass first time

One to one support during your NEBOSH course is only a phone call away

You will be supported by your dedicated Personal Learning Adviser, throughout the training life-cycle.

During your training, you may find that there may be times when you need guidance, direction, technical advice and support. If you need it, ongoing assistance from your Personal Learning Adviser is provided as part of our Guaranteed Pass Scheme

Your Personal Learning Adviser is available to support your learning throughout the training course, right up until you receive your certificate. RISK find this dedicated support increases the first time pass rate and helps you to stay compliant throughout the learning process

Your RISK Personal Learning Adviser can be contacted by phone or email, even out of normal office hours. If your Personal Learning Adviser cannot help resolve your query immediately, then the relevant senior consultant will contact you to cover the specific point raised

We Guarantee Your Pass

Because if there is something you don't get, it's our failing not yours

- so why should you pay for the training again?

We guarantee to support, train, coach and mentor you until you pass

Support for you when you need it not just when you are spending

Providing you with health and safety support, the latest legislation and compliance

Full details on the Terms & Conditions for the Guaranteed Pass

Book your NEBOSH course now or call us on 01623 749 718 during office hours

Wherever possible, we aim to speak to you immediately or within 2 hours

Out of hours and when times are very busy or you need a senior consultant, we promise to return calls and emails within a maximum of one business day.