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NEBOSH Course Reviews Liverpool

If you are thinking about taking a NEBOSH Course in Liverpool, then RISK have a higher than national pass rate plus a Guaranteed Pass Scheme. The NEBOSH Certificated Courses run throughout the year and are the only NEBOSH Fast Track courses delivered in a modular format.

Hear from delegates who passed their NEBOSH Courses in Liverpool

You can review the exam pass rates, and you'll see the evidence over two years is complelling. However if you're in Liverpool and thinking of taking one of the NEBOSH Certificates, then here are people like you. All have passed and can explain what the studying the NEBOSH course in Liverpool was like with RISK. The NEBOSH Fast Track format is unique to RISK and it's why they get the exam results which demonstrate you have a better chance of passing one of the NEBOSH Certificates if you study with RISK.


Andy Smith Passes NEBOSH General Certificate in Liverpool

"I am a team leader and work at a Power Station for Intergen.."

Andy passed the NEBOSH Course in Liverpool at his first attempt

"The information is great, the material they provide you with is fantastic and all the material that RISK have is available to us external from the classroom and is available to us leading up to the NEBOSH process as well. I would recommend RISK to another individual or organisation. When I finish this process I know other guys at my workplace will want to go through the same process and I will be recommending it."



Gary Williams passes NEBOSH General Certificate in Liverpool

"I work for Company called Glendale Liverpool and we are responsible for the grounds maintenance operations of pretty much all green areas, parks , cemetaries, woodlands etc within the Liverpool city area."

Gary passed the NEBOSH Course in Liverpool at his first attempt

"RISK offer the Guaranteed Pass was what swung it for me definitely in the end, as I am using my own money I don’t think if I have to save up the money again to do a course, I think that would be devastating to me and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable about going through the week."


Richard Powell passes NEBOSH General Certificate in Liverpool

"I am the maintenance manager for a company called ABP who handle beef processes and have a food factory based in Liverpool."

Richard passed the NEBOSH Course in Liverpool at his first attempt

"The best thing about the NEBOSH fastrack is the support given. It is intense but it is delivered very well. Everything that we need is supplied. As long as you are prepared to put in the hours and the commitment and as guided, by the instructor, you should pass."


Alex O'Rourke passes NEBOSH General Certificate in Liverpool


"I work for a small company in Derby called Westminster Building company. I worked there as a project manager to start off with and now I’m moving on to the Health and Safety role of Health and Safety manager within my company. "

Alex passed the NEBOSH Course in Liverpool at his first attempt

"So with the conventional method of NEBOSH you have a 12/13 week period of learning I think its one day a week and then you have two exams. For me, compared to the method I am using now where you have one exam on one day and then a week later after studying, another exam on a second day that’s much better because I can put more effort into each exam with adequate time to study and revise. Based on my track record with exams, whenever I have had two exams on the same day, one normally suffers for the other so I think its a really good shout to do a block of teaching, get the exam out of the way so you can completely clear your head and tackle the next module."



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