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Jo Bingley Testimonial about Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course

Benefits of Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course

"I'm Jo Bingley and I'm based at Derbyshire Constabulary HQ in Ripley. I have done the NEBOSH General Certificate and the NEBOSH Construction Certificate.

I decided to take this course because in the next 18 to 24 months we are looking at doing some new build on site and some major refurbishment work on some of our buildings.

I did some research on some research of the various different providers around the region and I decided to choose RISK because of the way that the examinations and modules are set out, I like the fact that I could do the NEBOSH General first and the exam and a break and then the Construction and the exam.

I was most apprehensive about the exam, I am not good in exam conditions and the type of questions that would be asked. I have had experience of people who have done this type of courses said that the way you answer is quite specific so I was more concerned about that.

I think I quite liked how the practice exams were done so we had information as well from examiners reports so we could see the types of questions and answers that students gave, I also liked the group work as well so you can learn from each other because we all have different backgrounds and different industries.

I would recommend RISK as a provider for this training purely because of the way the modules are set out, so you can do one module and the exam and then the following module and also the resources that you get that you can then take away and also the support as well both whilst you are doing the teaching and then during the weekend whilst doing revision".

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