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Mark Richardson Testimonial about Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course

Benefits of Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course

My name is Mark Richardson and my home location is in Basingstoke but I work all over the UK. I work for a company called Waker Neuson we are a manufacturer of construction equipment.

I needed to take the NEBOSH General Certificate course as I have recently taken on a health and safety responsibility within the company and it was a good idea to a qualification to ensure I was a competent person to carry out the task.

I have done the NEBOSH General Certificate and I have so far taken the NGC1 element and am currently sitting the NGC2. I chose RISK to carry out the training because the syllabus seemed to fit and the dates seem to fit and my workload and my diary.

The location suits me as we have a location in Worksop which is fairly close to the Mansfield location of RISK. I think after the first few days you get into it and the style of the training seemed very good and the balance of the work during the day and also the homework and the home study seems to work quite well.

I was probably most apprehensive because you hear a lot about the NEBOSH qualification and it's a tough exam so you didn't know quite what to expect. I think the instructors put the information across very well. We have had detailed course notes, the books we have been provided with seem very clear, so we have been reading up on sections in the books.

I think the interaction in the class was good with the course as you draw off the experience of other people and you learn from other people you are in the room with.

I would recommend RISK as a provider for the training, it certainly suited me, there is quite a lot of people enrolled on our course there are 18 of us on the course and it seems to be working very well for us as a group so I think the method of delivery seems good the balance of work within the classroom and the home learning seems right, the information we have been provided is very good and the information leading up to the course so the communication in the lead up to the course was good as well".

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