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Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course Testimonial from Christopher Bratt

Benefits of Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course

My name is Christopher Bratt and I work for the Applied Group. My job role for the Applied Group is project manager.

The NEBOSH Module I am sitting at the moment is the General Module I needed to take the course so that I could fulfil my role as a project manager in regards to health and safety. I was apprehensive about starting the NEBOSH course because of the feedback I have had from other people as regards to the amount of content that goes into it.

Why I chose RISK was because I have been on some of their safety courses and feel as though it is a happy and friendly environment so I just decided to go with what I knew, another reason was because of the fast track course so that we can do the 5 day course and then do the exam straight after, which there is no lead in time and you can get it all done. RISKs' approach to NEBOSH is quite friendly and easy going and the information and the content that is given is in small pieces so it is quite a bit easier to take in. The facilities at RISK are excellent, very modern, bright and all the up-to-date technology so it is easier to follow. The free helpline that RISK provides once you have finished the course I feel is an excellent idea, as you can always access someone elses' knowledge if you need help in the future. I would recommend RISK to others as a NEBOSH provider because of the experience I have had has been excellent.

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