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Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course Consultant Mike Adams

Benefits of Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate Course

I'm Mike Adams I am one of the senior consultants at RISK Ltd. I am responsible for the NEBOSH and CITB training programmes.

A lot of people are quite worried when they come back to take qualifications such as the NEBOSH National Certificate, because they have probably not been in a classroom environment for a number of years. We try to make this as comfortable approach as possible through the learning methods that we use, but we are particularly sensitive to these issues for the person who is not necessarily an academic, so we try to put the information across in a practical and relevant manner.

There are three key areas of learning, basically the books that are received by you as an individual as part and parcel of the course, the guided learning hours that you spend with the tutor on your day to day training sessions and then there is an element of homework which is self-study which we set and guide you through over the period of the course. In addition, we can also deal specifically with people who maybe have difficulties with learning or certain reading abilities and on top of that, because we have been involved in the NEBOSH programme for about 15 years now and we have done it around the country and even overseas, we are particularly good at dealing with people who don't have English as a first language, for example. Equally there are people who have different levels of academia, some people are very practical in their approach to the world of work, others are engaged in the academia and are very interested in the facts and figures, we are able to deliver on all sides to make all people feel comfortable.

At RISK we are constantly evaluating and assessing our delivery methods to ensure you the delegate gets the best possible experience when attending one of our training courses. Unlike training brokers, RISK is a complete company, from the point of booking, to the training, to the delivery of the certificate you are dealing with one company.

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