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Reduce Costs through Thorough Health and Safety Training

When it comes to health and safety training it’s easy to overlook the benefits of having a fully safety-aware workforce in your employ.

Rather than an expense, you can view investment in thorough health and safety training as a great way to plan out future costs.

Consider that in 2012 the Health and Safety Executive estimated there were 28.2 million work days were lost through work injury in the UK and it’s not too difficult to imagine the effect of lost work days through an accident or injury in your own business.

The HSE further estimated that in the same year, health and safety failures cost UK business £13.2bn.  Even a small portion of that amount could seriously dent your company’s financial performance for any year.

A proportion of this huge figure is due to damage through accidents of equipment or property.  So not only do you lose a valuable asset in your employee being off work for a period, but your business’s other assets could also be lost or put out of action, potentially resulting in the company being unable to generate any income for a time.

A serious failure can also attract fines and penalties which will further hurt the finances of any business, often avoidably and unnecessarily.

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