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I rate the RISK approach NEBOSH Courses highly!

Benefits of NGC1 National General/National Construction Certificate Course

My name is Kris Gillott Danks, I work for EON UK. EON UK produce power across the United Kingdom and Europe and my job role within the company is Shift Team Leader and I am also a senior authorised person. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 7 there is a requirement to have competent people within an organisation with regards health and safety.

NEBOSH is a prestigious qualification

Obviously EON has a big health and safety department but this qualification will help me become a small cog in that department. I was most apprehensive about the failure rates of the course. There is a lot of learning and it is quite a prestigious qualification to have and it accumulates all of the health and safety training that I have had previously. 

The RISK training on the NEBOSH course is really good

The current experience I have had with the RISK training on the NEBOSH course is really good I have had quite a lot of health and safety training in the past and it is up there with the rest as a high standard. I would rate the RISK approach to teaching NEBOSH quite highly, it was quite appealing to me when I was looking around the courses and the options I had, the fact that you could do a course and get that area passed, and then move on and do another course at another interval, that really appealed to me.

Good atmosphere and is inducive to learning

The training location is excellent, with good facilities it is a nice place to learn, with good atmosphere and is inducive to learning, it’s really good. The helpline that RISK provides is really positive, I work for EON and there is a big support culture health and safety wise but any kind of access to additional support is always good. I would recommend other people to use RISK purely on the new approach to the way they are teaching the NEBOSH and the options you have got to confirm a module and have a break and then redo another module, it seems good.

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