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SMSTS Training Impacting on your Profitability

Reducing Work Related Injury with SMSTS London Courses

How much of an impact can a safer working environment have on your productivity? With SMSTS London training you can see a significant impact on reductions in work related injuries and illness.

Increasing Productivity with Safer Work Environments

Did you know that on average a person takes 6.7 days off work after an injury occurs?*  Think about the implication that has on your business.  Production is down, work load is increased for other employees and the costs of sick pay need to be born.  Let alone the legal costs if the injury is anything more serious.  All of this takes its toll on your bottom line.

You’ve heard the expression prevention is better than a cure.  As an employer you don’t have control over the ‘cure’ of your employees so even more reason to find out what steps you can take for prevention.

Now, we’re not saying that accidents will never happen but as more companies become aware of SMSTS London and health and safety becomes a higher priority, thankfully, stats show that work place injuries are reducing.

Business Benefits with SMSTS London

  • SMSTS London training can:   Protect workers from accidents and preventable illnesses
  • Reduce absences
  • Improve staff retention rates
  • Increase productivity and profit
  • Reduce insurance premiums and legal expenses
  • Uphold your company’s reputation.

A safer working environment and responsible, happy employees make for a productive workforce enabling innovation and growth. Who wouldn’t want that for their business? 

An added benefit to you is that keeping employees safe is a small part of an SMSTS London training course.  Look here for full information on SMSTS London course content and advantages your company will gain from choosing SMSTS London training.

For information on where and when courses are held simply visit or for other health and safety courses visit Risk Health and Safety.


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