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Essential Skills for All Health and Safety Roles

Essential Skills at NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses

Health and Safety legislation is no trivial matter. With recent statistics showing 27.3 million working days lost due to health and safety incidents, can responsible business owners afford to miss out on the essential skills received through RISK’s NEBOSH General Certificate London courses?

Fast Track Your Staff and Minimise Health and Safety Risk

It’s now widely accepted in the UK that the most popular choice as an essential minimum qualification for Health and Safety roles is the NEBOSH general certificate.

RISK has been providing the NEBOSH General Certificate in London and various UK cities because of the extremely valuable information provided in the course that gives Managers and Supervisors a solid understanding of health and safety issues, and how to apply health and safety law.

Skills Gained from NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses


NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses provided by RISK have been expertly developed to fast track learners using a guaranteed pass scheme. This ensures that by the end of the General Certificate course, your staff possess essentials skills in;

  • Understanding legal elements of Health and Safety policy
  • Methods of controlling hazards and risks in their workplace
  • Safe systems of work and reporting
  • Identifying risks as well as management solutions
  • Explain and deploy the process of reporting and investigating accidents


So with NEBOSH General Certificate London Courses helping to meet your obligation to health and safety laws, you can sure to significantly reduce the chance of workplace accidents and improve the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

To learn more about the information contained in each module and when NEBOSH General Certificate courses are held in the London area, simply visit our forthcoming NEBOSH General Certificate London page.


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