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Is it Worth Investing in Health and Safety Qualifications?

The Business Benefits of NEBOSH London Training Courses

With many companies reigning in unnecessary expenditure, it’s often the case that investments in health and safety are neglected, with businesses believing it is simply another cost to deal with. So is investing in health and safety and obtaining valuable skills with NEBOSH London courses worth pursing?

Reduced Down Times

By learning to identify and manage risk through a range of environment specific NEBOSH London courses, businesses have seen benefits from a huge reduction in down time.

This saves businesses thousands from costs associated with absences, arranging and covering workloads, sick pay and time spent in additional investigations and reporting.

Increased Staff Loyalty

The knowledge received through NEBOSH London courses can be quickly implemented within the work place. This dedication to staff safety has seen real results with improvements in staff morale, and a reduction in recruitment costs as staff and customer satisfaction increase through trust and teamwork.

Saving Thousands in the Long Term

There’s no denying that investing in health and safety and obtaining qualifications such as with RISK’s NEBOSH London training courses will require an initial outlay; however along with the reduction of risks comes significant long term financial benefits such as:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduced absentee and temporary worker costs
  • Reduced sick pay and injury costs
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Lower recruitment costs as staff feel safe in their work environment
  • Avoidance of expensive legal battles


All these and more make investing in health and safety training an important consideration. Simply by bringing in valuable health and safety skills through NEBOSH training, businesses can take cost effective, efficient safety steps and achieve substantial savings.

For more information on how NEBOSH London training can enhance you business reputation, visit our NEBOSH London Course page or to find out about other health and safety courses, visit Risk Health and Safety today.