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What to Expect with SMSTS Training Courses

My Experience of SMSTS London Training

How can you decide on the best provider for SMSTS London training courses? Chris Haugh gives a detailed review on his experience studying with RISK Health and Safety Training.

Testimonial on CITB SMSTS London Training

“I am Chris Haugh and I work for a housing association as a Technical Inspector in the Asset Management department, I monitor and advise our partnering contractors on site. The projects vary from kitchen and bathroom renewals, void works and external repairs/ decorations.”

“A major part of my duties is monitoring the health and safety side as I am effectively the clients’ representative on site, hence making the SMSTS refresher course so important to my role”. 

“I attended the SMSTS Refresher Training  Course recently in London, it was provided by Risk and Safety Management and delivered by Mike Adams. It was an intense and highly informative course over two days which covered the same format as the five day course but obviously at a quick fire rate. Mike's superb teaching skills were apparent straight away, we went through Regulations, Acts and CDM changes through the first day and although it was intense Mike's skill was making the information stick, preparing the group for the test on day 2.”

“The venue was basic but fit for purpose and as the group were all in construction and like minded we were all happy as long as the tea and coffee were available at all times, as they were.” 

I would recommend Risk and Safety Management to anyone needing the SMSTS or the Refresher as they have an excellent approach to teaching and have the experience to deliver it.”


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