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NEBOSH Construction Nottingham - Stephen Clarke passes with Credit

NEBOSH Construction Certificate passed at Nottingham with RISK Health and Safety Training

Below is an interview with Stephen Clarke, who has subsequently passed his NGC1, NCC1, NCC2 with a credit with RISK. Stephen took the NEBOSH Construction Certificate course at Nottingham - taking the RISK Fast Track NEBOSH course format. This enables you to immerse yourself in the subject matter and take an exam while your knowledge on the subject matter is fresh and undiluted.

Which is why the NEBOSH Construction Certificate pass rate is higher than the national average with RISK Health and Safety Training

RISK have a higher than national average pass rate for Nebosh Construction because they teach the material in a different way to everyone else. Unique 'Fast Track NEBOSH course' modular learning and exams

My company is a civil engineering consultancy, we specialise in structural investigation and inspection work - which is why I need the NEBOSH Construction Certificate

"My name is Stephen Clarke my company is a civil engineering consultancy, we specialise in structural investigation and inspection work. Within the company I am a Contracts Manager so I set up and devise safe systems of work and do the pricing and everything from start to finish really.

I am currently taking the NGC1 module this week and when we finish that I will be doing the Construction the NCC1 next week, the reason I have to take it is because as part of my job I have to write safe systems of work, so I do method statements and risk assessments all of the time and I need to know the current health and safety legislation and I am responsible for putting groups of people to work in potentially higher risk than normal situations.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate is intense

Some of my colleagues have recently done the course and all of them have said the same thing; about how intensive it is and how much there is to learn and the relatively short time in which you get to learn it and all of the homework that goes along with it as well, so I was really a bit apprehensive about the volume of work to be done. In comparison to other providers I would say that this training has been a lot more focussed and academic, there is no messing about there is not much down time it is pretty much go from 9:00 am in the morning right through until you finish. It has been pretty good really.

I would recommend RISK for anyone taking the NEBOSH Construction course in Nottingham

The training environment has been fine, the trainer is really good he knows his stuff inside out that is pretty obvious. The material is good, the book seems really comprehensive, the notes system, the way it is laid out with the kind of making neat notes and then doing example questions that’s good as well.

Yes, I would recommend other people to choose RISK it does seem like a really well run professional organisation. The way the paperwork was all handed out and the fact that everyone got the right paperwork I believe and the paperwork itself and the notes are really good it just seems like you have been doing it a long time and have honed it down to a pretty finely tuned machine I guess.

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