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NEBOSH General Certificate London - Aeneas McNulty passes with Credit

NEBOSH General Certificate London with RISK Health and Safety Training

Below is an interview with Aeneas McNulty, who took the Fast Track NEBOSH General Certificate course in London - passing with a Credit.


I would recommend RISK for the NEBOSH General Certificate in London

"I would recommend RISK, I have found it is a very intense course and at the same time there is a lot of help from Mike and also from the organisations. They do seem to look after their students to make sure they are following the course. I don’t have any other reference from any other training providers regarding NEBOSH, but on other training courses I have been on they have been a bit ‘wooley’, where this is very direct, very focused and very efficient in the use of your time.

NEBOSH Fast Track is intensive

I started the NEBOSH Fast Track it is quite intensive and it is a very comprehensive course and gives you a awful lot of information in a short period of time, I believe it worked for me in the regard to that I do in my day to day life I have to assimilate a lot of information quite quickly and come up with a solution, it is quite tough if you haven’t do before but I have had a touch on a lot of the information previously, now it just puts it into focus with good examples and with good practicals to help us too. Being across from Kings Cross, St Pancras, Euston the tube it’s a perfect location for accessibility for everybody really because Kings Cross and Euston are major transport links from the rest of the country.

Here's how NEBOSH Fast Track works

Which is why the NEBOSH General Certificate pass rate is higher than the national average with RISK Health and Safety Training

RISK have a higher than national average pass rate for Nebosh General Certificate because they teach the material in a different way to everyone else. Unique 'Fast Track NEBOSH course' modular learning and exams

The style of delivery is direct

Mike's style of delivery is direct and he doesn’t tend to allow you to go off track or go down the wrong path. If you ask a question that is not particularly relevant or if you are going in the wrong direction, he brings you back in quite quickly and focuses on where you are going wrong and just doesn’t let it go until you actually understand where you’re going wrong. Which is good because otherwise if you weren’t challenging you could possibly head off down a direction and completely muddle yourself whereas Mike doesn’t allow that and he can be quite abrupt which doesn’t necessarily suit people, but it’s not abrupt as in un-polite, its more abrupt in that we have got a lot of stuff to cover and we can’t really afford to be wasting our own time.

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