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NEBOSH General Certificate London - Agnieska Czarnecka

NEBOSH General Certificate London with RISK Health and Safety Training

Agnieska Czarnecka took the NEBOSH General Certificate course in London - taking the RISK Fast Track NEBOSH course format. This enables you to immerse yourself in the subject matter and take an exam while your knowledge on the subject matter is fresh and undiluted.


I would recommend RISK NEBOSH Fast Track London


"Talking about intensity and the Fast Track course approach I would recommend it because it literally takes a week out of your life and that is just a week and that intensity which allows you to emerged in it every minute of your life for that week. Because that is what it is when it comes to work that intensity of having to make decisions and ending with health and safety for my understanding that is how guys work in health and safety they have got speeds of energy required when at work.

Here's how NEBOSH Fast Track works

Which is why the NEBOSH General Certificate pass rate is higher than the national average with RISK Health and Safety Training

RISK have a higher than national average pass rate for Nebosh General Certificate because they teach the material in a different way to everyone else. Unique 'Fast Track NEBOSH course' modular learning and exams


My name is Agnieska Czarnecka I am quite new to the construction industry, my job is property access co-ordinator which means I co-ordinate teams of stakeholders and communications departments with monitoring installations teams.

I truly believe that Women in Construction have chosen the best possible supplier to provide the course and carry out the training which is tough and 77% of the score of passing the test is excellent actually, comparing to the national average which is 35% so you guys did big time. It transpires every minute of every day and every section of whatever I do it takes someone very special and knowledgeable and disciplined to be able to provide this level of knowledge and expertise in such a manner that we actually get our brains shaped and trained to think in a certain way in order to pass the test. Also it teaches us a discipline of ruling out unnecessary or unimportant, so I call it even brain storm and grey matter moulding course as well and that is probably what makes us special and standing out in the crowd when it comes to this kind 77% promise of passing the course, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us get way above that.

So I think it is a good idea to contribute a week of ones life to do it in this manner rather than having something that you have to drag along for a whole year lets say in the modules of weekly or fortnightly kind of meetings or gatherings so this is great, literally come into it and in a week you are done if you are committed to it enough.


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