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NEBOSH General Certificate Liverpool - Richard Powell passes

NEBOSH General Certificate passed at Liverpool with RISK Health and Safety Training

Below is an interview with Richard Powell, who has subsequently passed his NGC1 with RISK. Richard took the NEBOSH General Certificate course at Liverpool - taking the RISK Fast Track NEBOSH course format. This enables you to immerse yourself in the subject matter and take an exam while your knowledge on the subject matter is fresh and undiluted.

Which is why the NEBOSH General Certificate pass rate is higher than the national average with RISK Health and Safety Training

RISK have a higher than national average pass rate for Nebosh General Certificate because they teach the material in a different way to everyone else. Unique 'Fast Track NEBOSH course' modular learning and exams

I need a NEBOSH qualification because of my role as maintenance manager

"My name is Richard Powell and I am the maintenance manager for a company called ABP who handle beef processes and have a food factory based in Liverpool. I need a NEBOSH qualification because it is a requirement that our site has two people with a NEBOSH certificate.

The best thing about NEBOSH fastrack is the support

"The best thing about the NEBOSH fastrack is the support given. It is intense but it is delivered very well. Everything that we need is supplied. As long as you are prepared to put in the hours and the commitment and as guided, by the instructor, you should pass.

Here's how NEBOSH Fast Track works


Only one exam in a day, not two

I liked the idea of having one exam instead of two because its too much in one day. Mikes been great throughout the week, he’s provided lots of help he has even given us his telephone number to call him after the course has ended. The technique he uses is really good.

I would recommend RISK for their Fastrack NEBOSH Course here at Liverpool

I would recommend RISK for their Fastrack NEBOSH Course because they get the course across in a very good manner, they provide all the information you require to do the exam and the tutors are very approachable and the course is carried out in a very relaxed manner.

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