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NEBOSH General Certificate Nottingham - Michelle Wardley passes

NEBOSH General Certificate passed at Nottingham with RISK Health and Safety Training

Below is an interview with Michelle Wardley, who has subsequently passed her NGC1, NGC2 & NGC3 with a Credit with RISK. Michelle took the NEBOSH General Certificate course at Nottingham - taking the RISK Fast Track NEBOSH course format. This enables you to immerse yourself in the subject matter and take an exam while your knowledge on the subject matter is fresh and undiluted.


I work for Leicestershire Police

My name is Michelle Wardley and I work for Leicestershire Police as a support manager for the East Midlands Special Operations Unit.  The NEBOSH general certificate and I am currently studying the NGC1 module.

RISK recommended by the Health and Safety advisor at the Derbyshire police

I chose RISK for my NEBOSH training as it was recommended to me by the Health and Safety advisor at the Derbyshire police where I previously worked.  I am really enjoying the RISK approach to the NEBOSH at the minute.  It is hard, very intense and you have to concentrate and is very fast paced so you  have to keep up.  But as long as you do the homework, do the studying thats needed I cant see that there is any problems. 

I think its really good

The tutors are good they ask you questions will stop if you don’t understand things, they re-explain things.  There is loads of time in the morning to go back through things the night before to make sure everything is right. You can discuss it with other people to make sure they are doing the same.  Yes I think its really good.

Employers legal obligation

 I am aware of the Employers legal obligation although I wasn’t aware of the specifics before I started the course but my company does have a health and safety department and the other police forces I have worked for also have health and safety departments so that impresses that there is  a legal obligation.


Yes I would definitely recommend others to choose RISK as a provider for NEBOSH training. 

I like the way the courses are run

I like the way the courses are run – the trainers there helpful and I like the way that it is all put into a week rather than stretching it out over a long period of time which doesn’t always fit in peoples lives. The location is also very convenient.

Which is why the NEBOSH General Certificate pass rate is higher than the national average with RISK Health and Safety Training

RISK have a higher than national average pass rate for Nebosh General Certificate because they teach the material in a different way to everyone else. Unique 'Fast Track NEBOSH course' modular learning and exams




Here's how NEBOSH Fast Track works

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