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NEBOSH Results 2018


The NEBOSH results RISK have achieved since the introduction of the NEBOSH Fast Track programme in 2015 have been outstanding – and the NEBOSH Results for 2018 continue to out-perform the National Average.

RISK have out-performed the national average NEBOSH Certificates pass rate for 4 years running

RISK’s NEBOSH exam pass rates are even more remarkable when you understand there is ‘no pre-qualification criteria’ – a fact commented upon by the NEBOSH assessor when reviewing RISKs’ incredible performance in getting delegates through what is regarded as one of the most challenging health and safety qualifications.

NEBOSH Results – July 2017 to June 2018

RISK Results  58% 78% 97% 75% 77% 48% 100%


Even though NEBOSH strongly recommended previous experience of health and safety, and many course providers insist on pre-qualification criteria – RISK remains one of the leaders in transferring the knowledge required for the delegate to pass this challenging exam. If you are looking to start your career in health and safety and need the NEBOSH Certificate for your chosen career path – then you should take a look at how the NEBOSH Fast Track programme works or watch some of the videos of past delegates – who explain their experience.


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