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Who might benefit from the NEBOSH qualifications?

NEBOSH and similar qualifications have long been regarded as fundamental to those with responsibility for health, safety or environment. Ranging from dedicated Health and Safety Officers to General Management and those who have had health and safety incorporated into their responsibilities.

Typical job roles which require or would benefit from the qualifications are:

  • Health and Safety Officer/Advisor/Manager/Consultant
  • Environmental Officers/Advisor/Manager/Consultant
  • Human Resources Manager
  • General Manager
  • Site Supervisor/Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Contract Manager

Health and safety skills can improve job security and company profits

Primarily, the courses are suitable for anyone looking to develop health and safety skills and knowledge. But also to improve job security and develop a career in health and safety.

The type of qualification taken depends on how far you want to take your career. If you’ve decided to take your NEBOSH Certificate but you need to persuade your employer to invest time and money in getting you qualified to the NEBOSH Level.

Here’s 5 tangible benefits of how NEBOSH can benefit a business

1) Positive safety culture

Over 70% of people taking the NEBOSH Certificate are managers and all managers need to contribute to creating a safety culture for it to be effective and for companies to experience the benefits.

2) A more motivated and engaged workforce

Investment in developing essential health & safety skills internally with a NEBOSH Certificate holder can directly contribute to creating a safer working environment, protecting staff and visitors.

3) Internal safety knowledge on hand

The NEBOSH Certificate qualification develops the practical know-how to manage a wide range of typical health and safety scenarios that companies face on a daily basis. If any incidents or issues occur managers will be reassured their NEBOSH qualified staff will know how to manage the situation effectively and efficiently.

4) Return on investment through direct cost reduction

NEBOSH training means developing internal health and safety skills to reduce direct costs such as incidents and accidents, employee absence, litigation, ill-health to name a few.  Less disruption of operations and production positively affect the company’s profit margins.

5) Making the business more competitive

Organisations working to international standards in health and safety are a pre-requisite when trying to win new business. 90% of jobs advertised by organisations demand NEBOSH qualification evidence that companies recognise the value of the NEBOSH courses. Your employer doesn't want to be left behind in the competitive global marketplace