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NEBOSH Guaranteed Pass Scheme

NEBOSH Pass Support Scheme

RISK are a training course provider and not a broker

Essentially this means we are not making a quick mark-up or taking a commission on the sale of a training place but are responsible for the quality of your knowledge after you have taken the course. This is why we promise to support you for FREE if you fail to pass. We feel, if there is something you do not understand, it is our failing not yours - so why should you pay for the training again.

  • We guarantee to support, train, coach and mentor you through retakes FOC*
  • NEBOSH Certificates dispatched as soon as your course is successfully completed (no third party delays)
  • On-going support after you pass (not just when you are spending) on the latest legislation and compliance


By booking your training with RISK, you can be sure that you are booking direct with a high-quality, experienced training provider - who consistently achieves higher than national average pass rates.

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RISK is committed to providing the highest level of training to all its delegates. So much so that we will guarantee to continue to support you until you have either passed the course or decide it is not for you. The NEBOSH qualification is renowned across industry as being the most highly regarded health and safety qualification. It's notoriously difficult to pass, involves memorising various laws, and it is not within everyone’s capability. With no pre-qualification acceptance process, RISK has achieved consistently higher than the national average pass rate year on year. This is because of our approach to transferring the knowledge - so if you follow our process, and put the work in, you will most likely pass. If you don't you probably won't.



There are three fundamental conditions to the fulfilment of this scheme, which are:

1. Financial - The account must have been paid in full prior to the course start date.

2. Our Commitment – You will have knowledgeable, engaging trainers and as much support as you need, including:

Plus you’ll get the latest Health & Safety reference book, RISK study folder and all the relevant NEBOSH Terms Conditions and Procedures.

3. Your Commitment – As a basic this means:

The course is renowned for being hard learning and tough to pass – which is why the training schedule is designed to both instil the knowledge and focus your output to comply with the NEBOSH examination marking criteria. Follow the programme and you’re more likely to pass than fail, but in the event you do fail all you’ll pay for is the NEBOSH re-registration and examination fees. However you will be required to rebook and attend all of the modules training days again.

Here’s how it works…

Your marks will be immediately made available to you via your NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone - as soon as they are issued to RISK – and you will receive an email alert.


Get 45 or more and you’ve passed!

This is what we all want, and we’ve got a great track record so undertaking your NEBOSH Course with us means you’ve already got a better than average chance of passing.

Get less than 45 and you’re going to need to retake if you want the NEBOSH qualification

There is no simple way to get feedback on the where you’ve lost marks. It could be as simple as illegible handwriting through to failing to answer all of the questions in the time allocated. Which is why RISK offer a one-to-one consultation exercise to diagnose the most likely areas you’ve lost those vital marks. This means you can focus on this aspect during your re-sit of the course and increase your chances of passing your re-take.

To do this you will need to download, complete and upload a mock exam while the knowledge is still fresh – we’d recommend you do this within the first couple of weeks of notification of your results. This activates your PASS SUPPORT SCHEME. If you fail to carry out this task within two months of your results notification within your NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone; your PASS SUPPORT SCHEME will no longer be valid. Once your completed exam paper is uploaded, the principal tutor will evaluate and provide you with the one-to-one feedback on which areas they feel you need to focus upon for the retake. This will be posted on your results page.


Get less than 30 and you may need to rethink

If you score less than 30 and you've complied with the RISK learning regime, then you've either had a really bad day - or you're the exception to the rule. This is because, most people if they follow the RISK learning regime only narrowly miss out if they don't pass. So although you will get the support to take the exam again, you probably need to think long and hard if this is for you.


How long is my PASS SUPPORT SCHEME  valid for?

Your PASS SUPPORT SCHEME is valid for 18 months* from the moment your exam results are posted to your NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone. What is more you will have full access to the e-learning modules in the home study areas, plus all the revision and study aids for the 18 months or completion of your course retake (whichever comes first).
* If validated within the allocated 2 months.

What if you haven’t completed the home study?

We want you to pass and you will receive warning alerts highlighting your PASS SUPPORT SCHEME status before the exam – and what to do to rectify it - but ultimately, whether you complete the home study is up to you.

If you have not completed the home study tasks before the exam then you are not eligible for your PASS SUPPORT SCHEME – this is an automated process and non-negotiable. Upon accessing your results page within the NEBOSH Personal Learning Zone, you will immediately see if your PASS SUPPORT SCHEME status together with any reason.


N.B. RISK reserves the right to amend, alter and update the content of the “PASS SUPPORT SCHEME” at any time




*Subject to availability and scheme terms


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